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From day one, we designed and built a streamlined complete platform, a place for newcomers and industry experts. Measure your portfolio's performance and keep track of all of your earned crypto commissions in one single place.

Visiting our blockchain academy will guide and assist you in getting up fast in a new digital governance of a digital growing world.

While the concept is simple, we know that aspects of cryptocurrency can seem a bit complex. Cryptocurrency is not limited just to transactions, it's more than that. Cryptocurrency in network marketing can serve both as a product and a payment method, which we are aware of being a business involving a connected community, coming together to form a network. As a wide spreading business across the world thanks to a unique experience and quick transactions the crypto network marketing has proven to be a great opportunity. Meet Lydia, the live guidance meant to drive you through the basics and ethics of the industry, opening a new boundary of the way the world is looking now into the money in finance.

GS PARTNERS, offering a wide variety of opportunities such as easy access to multiple markets, a decentralised finance ecosystem, an international distributed debit Mastercard available in more than 140 countries supporting major cryptocurrencies, a blockchain academy, and many more, all of these provided from the users home comfort under a simple interface thanks to the blockchain technology which now gives the opportunity to start earning daily passive incomes.

You are able to become today a part of our community and grow your own business up to an international level, to become one of the online financial independent entrepreneurs, by simply exchanging educational advices and getting connected with our more than 200,000 successful members.

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GS Telecom

Available for IOS & Android devices

Experience privacy with GSTelecom, a revolution in security and decentralised communication. Become a pioneer of the future and take control of your messaging with the G999 blockchain today!

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Secured Messaging

GSTelecom is a decentralised blockchain messaging application, secured by blockchain technology making it immune to any hacks.

Privacy At Its Best

Share important chats, audio or documents privately and securely using decentralised servers. Messages are stored in the blockchain, only you have the keys.

Easy To Use

GSTelecom is a user friendly application. The design allows you to experience blockchain telecommunication as any other chat app.

Available for download

For most of the IOS & Android devices

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