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March to 3 Billion Contest

60 amazing rounds of 50.000.000 G999 to burn in each round

The winner of the round will receive a running Masternode. The more you burn the more chances you have.

Please note the allocation of your purchase. There will be a 3% burn fee and a 30% commission allocation.
You will receive 67% of the initial quantity of coins plus all additional promotional values which may apply at the time of your purchase.

Each voucher comes with 3 options:

Option A

Keep all the G999 and get the basic rewards.

Option B

Burn half of the G999 and receive double the Contest Tickets and more Legacy Points for each G999 burnt.

Option C

Burn all the G999 and receive triple Contest Tickets and even more Legacy Points.

Choose a voucher with option B or C and you will have the opportunity to burn again the same amount of G999 and you will receive once again the same bonus in contest tickets and legacy points.

Round 2 of 60

39,212,327 / 50,000,000 G999 Burnt