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Athena Package

10,000 USDT

Package Details:

Max Load: 15,000 USDT

Earn Rewards up to 4,15% weekly on Price of Package.

Earn Rewards up to 18% quarterly on Max Load.

Certificate Rewards period: 18 months

Bonus On 100% Athena Package Load

Load Bonus:


MetaTrade Bonus:


MetaTreasury Bonus:


MetaPortfolio Bonus:


MetaTreasury Certificate

Package Details:

Max Load: 350,000 USDT

Load Time: 150 days

Certificate Rewards: 18 months

Rewards Periodicity: 30 days

APY %: 90

Bonus On 100% MetaTreasury Certificate Load

LydianCities Voucher SQM:




Athena Package

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The GSPartners packages enable you to access multiple rewards and services from our ecosystem. A number products and services will be made available to you such as blockchain training courses or signature cards; our latest credit card sized cold wallet which enables you to get access to your assets by simply tapping your card on your phone. You'll receive rewards from smart trading and many more advantages.
GS Smart trading is a digital bank that offers services such as wealth management, deep cold storage, and traditional bank accounts.
It is a tokenized real estate building that represents more than 28,500,000 square inches of tokenized property. It is a unique way to generate passive rewards over the blockchain from the management of the property.
Lydian.World is a platform that enables you to generate passive rewards by conquering digital countries. Become a president or even a citizen of a country and earn rewards from most of our ecosystem products.