Blockchain Academy

The Gold Standard Blockchain Academy introduces online learning through video-based courses. Integrating blockchain technology and the future of crypto assets into real-world value.


Simple Lesson Structure

Easy to understand video learning, structured content and a direct learning interface.

A Vast Knowledge base

Courses, with a practical syllabus created by a team of professionals.

Earn Blockchain Certificate

Qualify for a Blockchain certificate through our academy. Learn concepts that will be beneficial to your career.

GS Academy Subscription

Become a member of GS Academy, and take advantage of the packages and rewards our community offers!

Blockchain Video Academy Subscription

Available Subscriptions: 3 months / 6 months / 12 months

Learn through our blockchain academy, online video-learning with content that includes core elements of blockchain technology. Our videos are answering important questions, join our elite academy and embrace the future of blockchain technology.

Blockchain Video Academy Subscription (3 months)

100.00 USDT Value

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Blockchain Video Academy Subscription (6 months)

150.00 USDT Value

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Blockchain Video Academy Subscription (12 months)

200.00 USDT Value

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How does it work?

Join the Blockchain Academy and improve your understanding of crypto assets. Gain rewards through participation and encourage blockchain learning.

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Join the Academy

We designed the perfect guide to understanding the fundamentals of blockchain academy. Our understanding of crypto assets comes from practical application of these principals.

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Watch Videos

Video content streamed daily to improve your results. Topics which cover blockchain technology concepts, such as decentralized finance (defi).

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Earn Rewards

Completing our blockchain academy courses, will ensure a blockchain digital certificate. Gain more discounts through our badge rewarded back onto your member page. Each reward places you closer to your goals.