Blockchain Academy

The Gold Standard Blockchain Academy will teach knowledge in the area of blockchain through video-based online courses where the topic blockchain is broken down into its components to create a solid foundation, and a course on coinization, crypto assets and digital currencies.


Simple Lesson Structure

Video simplified form of information that you can easily understand.

A Vast Knowledge base

Wide collection of courses for you, every single one of them is jam-packed with information.

Earn Blockchain Certificate

One of the best methods to achieve great savings.

How does it work?

Everything starts with one step, join those who have decided to change their future and learn using the means we provide in Blockchain Video Academy.

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Join the Academy

Many of you may be completely new to the topic. Therefore, it’s necessary that you get a simplified form of information that you can easily understand. To help you, we designed the perfect guide so you understand the fundamentals of blockchain academy.

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Watch Videos

Our blockchain academy video courses will offer you the perfect solution and the perfect way to showcase your skills in an enterprise environment. Basically, using our courses will help you demonstrate that you can actually have the knowledge base.

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Earn Rewards

Completing our blockchain academy, will end up with a test and a blockchain digital certificate. These will be rewarded back onto your affiliate page with a badge which brings you more discount to our packages and confidence to your partners.