Brand and Relationship Management Announcement

Defamation and Disinformation

The spread of Defamation or Disinformation of the platforms, brands, products and services, as well as those of all Affiliated platforms and providers, is a legal offense.

Due to current ongoing legal action against a group of criminals, and the platforms they use for their criminality, our legal team, along with the Brand and Relationship Management team, have issued instructions to suspends the accounts of the small number of offending members who are working with the criminals to further their cause.

Whoever is found to be spreading this illegal content, will also be considered accessories, and their details handed over to the legal team handling these cases.

The criminals are using the BehindMLM platform, as well as smaller platforms to hide their identities.

Our legal team is communicating directly with Google to uncover these criminals.

If you are the recipient of any articles or videos causing Defamation or Disinformation, please screenshot the offending material and send it directly to the legal team.

We will NOT tolerate criminals or acts of abuse against our brand, associated brands, products or services.