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We are Swiss Valorem Bank - Technology and Finance in real time

At Swiss Valorem Bank we believe that technology and finance should work together seamlessly in real time. That’s why we have created a cutting-edge banking platform that combines the latest in technological innovation with the unparalleled expertise of our financial professionals. Whether you are looking to invest in stocks, manage your portfolio, simply open a chequeing account or do all three, Swiss Valorem Bank has the tools and resources you need to achieve your aims. Join us in revolutionising the banking industry with our real-time technology and financial solutions.

Swiss Valorem Bank


Who We Are

The perfect combination of Technology, Blockchain and Banking, we at Swiss Valorem Bank pursue our mission of redefining finance for the new economy by building a pioneering technological bridge between the digital and traditional asset worlds.


Why Choose Swiss Valorem Bank

Swiss Valorem Bank is able to close a crucial gap between the new digital economy and traditional banking. We believe that the proliferation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is leading to the formation of new markets and innovative ways of creating value. Therefore, we combine technological advances with the proven elements of traditional banking.

Regulation is paramount for the protection of consumers - the idea of an integrated and rigorously supervised bank with focus on digital assets arose from a growing demand for investment alternatives and the increasing affinity for technology and process engineering.


What We Do

Swiss Valorem Bank enables professional individuals and companies, as well as institutional clients, safely keep, trade and borrow against traditional and digital assets, all in one place. Swiss Valorem Bank will provide and custody for fiat and digital assets.

Our team aim to redefine finance and set new standards for security, transparency and performance. It includes experts in the areas of technology, information security, blockchain and finance.

We are acutely aware that this is a fast moving world and our expert team will constantly be looking to update and upgrade our technology to reflect any future advancements

Our Partners Trust Us

At Swiss Valorem Bank, we believe in creating mutually beneficial partnerships that drive success. Our innovative approach to banking and financial services creates unique opportunities for our partners to grow and thrive. Whether you're a financial institution, an entrepreneur, or an consumer, Swiss Valorem Bank has the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals. Join us in building a brighter financial future with our unparalleled partnership opportunities.

Bridge the gap between Digital Economy and Traditional Banking

Technology and Finance, in real time.

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Are you tired of feeling like you have to choose between the convenience of digital banking and the stability of traditional banking? At Swiss Valorem Bank, we believe you shouldn't have to. That's why we're bridging the gap between the digital economy and traditional banking. Our innovative approach to banking combines the best of both worlds, offering cutting-edge digital solutions alongside the stability and security of traditional banking. Join us in revolutionising the banking industry and experience the best of both worlds with Swiss Valorem Bank.