Digital Corporate

Raise capital and activate global payment solutions all in one place. Increase liquidity, lower transaction costs and gain swift automated settlement by tokenising your assets with Swiss Valorem Bank’s all-in-one solution.


All Token Types Supported

Asset-backed, fiat-backed, precious metals-backed, security tokens, real estate, and more

End-to-end Solutions

From concept to design to implementation and distribution

Tokenisation Platform

Following a protocol and legal framework-agnostic design approach

Proprietary Technology

Unique state of the art proprietary technology systems including digital asset custody

Asset Tokenisation Solutions


Elimination of intermediaries

Low Counterparty Risk

Atomic settlement


Superior governance

Openness & inclusiveness

Democratized access to unbanked consumers


Fractional ownership and 24/7/365 trading


Securities tailored at the individual consumer level


Through smart contracts


Unlike traditional databases

Bridge the gap between Digital Economy and Traditional Banking

Technology and Finance, in real time.

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Payment and Utility Token Solutions

In-depth implementation of global payment and utility token solutions bringing ‘best of breed’ design and execution capabilities that are bespoke for each client’s needs and are delivered as a fully operational and executed solution.

Fundraising (Debt & Equity) Solutions

End-to-end solutions for debt or equity raising via security token offerings (STOs). Integrated capabilities in digital asset design, primary issuance and post-trade management services for capital raising needs, supported by an experienced team of investment banking experts for bespoke advice.

Bridge the gap between Digital Economy and Traditional Banking

Technology and Finance, in real time.

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Are you tired of feeling like you have to choose between the convenience of digital banking and the stability of traditional banking? At Swiss Valorem Bank, we believe you shouldn't have to. That's why we're bridging the gap between the digital economy and traditional banking. Our innovative approach to banking combines the best of both worlds, offering cutting-edge digital solutions alongside the stability and security of traditional banking. Join us in revolutionising the banking industry and experience the best of both worlds with Swiss Valorem Bank.