Digital Asset

Our investment management team specialise in digital assets. We enable consumers to gain exposure to a new asset stream through traditional financial products that are fully embedded in their existing banking setup.


We offer the right product for every market scenario - structured in a reliable and cost-efficient manner. We deliver attractive returns in digital asset markets in a safe and fully regulated way.

By applying the same rigour known from asset management in traditional asset classes, we set the standards for financial products in digital asset classes.


Structured Products

Simple and cost-effective means of investing in single coins or a basket of cryptocurrencies without having to deal with cryptocurrency wallet, exchange risk and custody risk among others.

Discretionary Mandates

Activate a variety of different mandates to diversify your investment portfolio.

Actively Managed Certificates

Actively Managed Certificates (AMCs) are the most simple and cost-effective tools to implement your own investment strategy in one investment product, including both traditional and digital assets.

Bridge the gap between Digital Economy and Traditional Banking

Technology and Finance, in real time.

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Are you tired of feeling like you have to choose between the convenience of digital banking and the stability of traditional banking? At Swiss Valorem Bank, we believe you shouldn't have to. That's why we're bridging the gap between the digital economy and traditional banking. Our innovative approach to banking combines the best of both worlds, offering cutting-edge digital solutions alongside the stability and security of traditional banking. Join us in revolutionising the banking industry and experience the best of both worlds with Swiss Valorem Bank.